About Us

The Ink Corner Café is a premier, specialty coffee roaster/espresso bar in Cicero, NY just off Route 31. We pride ourselves on the craft of gourmet coffee, and above all else, on the freshness every coffee drinker desires. Every day, we deliver delicious coffee to our customers by relying on the best quality beans and brewing practices. But the story of how we made this happen wasn’t always so simple.

Our story begins in 1996 with a young couple’s decision to leave their home in Romania and move to the US. Bringing with them a distinct European coffee heritage, they grew up wanting to share their love for coffee with others. 22 years later, that becomes possible with the birth of Ink Corner.

At Ink Corner, our coffee practices blend classic and contemporary. Every step of our bean-to-cup process acknowledges a European past whose coffee culture is centuries old and centuries strong. Hailing from the Black Sea, our practices are inspired by Turkish traditions of coffee preparation and demonstrate the deep passion all coffee lovers share for the past.

Our Philosophy



At Ink Corner, we share a simple insistence on quality and consistency. This begins with the coffee buying process where we source premium coffee beans from only the best, environmentally-sustainable regions of the world. These include Ethiopian Sidamo Natural and Royal Silk, among many other fair trade organic blends.




In our store, we deliver quality inside and outside the cup. We roast all coffee in-house, every morning as you’re just convincing yourself to stop hitting the snooze button and tackle another day. Because of this, we welcome all types of coffee enthusiasts from the commuter to the connoisseur of fine beans afresh—ask us questions about the roasting process and stick around for daily demonstrations. You’ll find us welcoming and eager to get to know you.




We deliver a delicious cup of coffee each and every time by refusing to compromise on the quality of any step in the bean-to-cup process. At Ink Corner, this means a distinct dedication to the craft of gourmet coffee and the understanding that your business is ours to earn. As the only espresso bar in Cicero, NY, we pride ourselves on an atmosphere that is as inviting as it is adaptable: we invite you to stop by and give us a try. Bring a book or a group of friends—even make us a stop on your trip across New York State: we welcome all.